Saturday, July 2, 2016

Hanuman in the driver's seat

This morning I went to the west side of my suburb in northwest Mumbai on a personal errand. I took an autorickshaw in heavy rains and was soon caught in a traffic jam. Nothing new about that. Autowallahs don't take kindly to passengers getting off midway and walking the distance. They are stuck and they lose out on the metered fare. So I just sat there watching the rain, listening to the cacophony of horns, watching the back of the driver's head, occasionally fiddling with my phone.

© Prashant C. Trikannad
And then I saw Hanuman the revered Hindu monkey god and ardent devotee of Lord Rama with his mighty mace.

I wondered if India's Super-deity might not give us a lift and fly us to our destination. Hanuman, known for his great strength, heroism and veracity, can probably fly faster than Superman and the hammer-propelled Thor. Well, he didn't fly us out. Instead, he opened a tiny corridor between screaming cars, enough for my man to take a sharp right and deposit me in a lane close to my destination.

Hanuman, who Hindus worship every Saturday, is one of the central characters in the great Indian epic, Ramayana.

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