Friday, June 24, 2016

Brexit, Brexitism

I have been following Brexit. I read about yesterday's painful vote and this morning watched the shock results live on BBC News. My heart skipped a Brexit beat every time "Leave" widened its lead over "Remain." For some reason I found myself rooting for the pro-EU. I felt an affinity towards Londoners and the rest of the 48 per cent who voted "Remain." It felt like the proper thing to do. Nobody likes a deserter. In the army you are court-martialled if you run away.

Britain looked better inside the EU. Now it looks like a pariah, the black sheep of the family. Sad and lonely on the world map. An island of desolation. 

In spite of reading up on the issue, I only have a vague idea how Brexit will impact our world even as it threatens Brexit-like sentiments in Northern Ireland and among EU countries. Right-wing authoritarians in Europe are emboldened to try something similar. All we need is a Trump triumph in November, and we know where this right-wing circus troupe is going. Fortunately, things have a way of never seeming to be as bad as they are.

If I had to figure out why Brexit happened or narrow down Brexitism, Noun, it'd be this—fear, anger, frustration, pent-up fury, confusion, loathing, a means to hit out at something, anything.

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