Monday, February 1, 2016

The irony of perspective

A friend recently shared a nice video of a visually impaired man who sells things on a roadside. He says he will continue to work and earn his living as long as he can use his hands and feet. The video may not be real but the lesson behind the man's indomitable spirit and resolve and the social message it coveys, are.

Every morning, as I walk down from Elphinstone Road station in central Mumbai to my office, I pass a grey-haired man. He is blind too. His cane “shows” him the way to the station bridge where he spends the entire day selling — guess what? — small transparent plastic zip lock bags for storing identity cards, passports, bank passbooks, and mobiles.

Whenever I see him he is standing in one corner, with quiet dignity, holding out his hands — not for alms but for a few rupees in exchange for one of his pouches. I don’t know how much he makes every day. Maybe little or nothing. What I do know is how I'd feel if my salary were delayed by even a day.

The irony of perspective.

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