Thursday, November 26, 2015

God Intelligence Agency

On my way home by bus this evening, I saw a notice outside Holy Family Church that warned, "God is watching you and so are we. CCTV cameras on the campus." It also tells you to smile because you're on camera. I don't know who else is watching me, but I know He is, and not just inside the church. God Intelligence Agency is omnipresent and open 24x7. He is watching our backs all the time.

Earlier, when I stepped out of the station, I saw this long queue at the autorickshaw stand and lost all hopes of reaching home early. And then I saw the bus. It was almost empty and seemed to be waiting for me, because the driver took off as soon as I got in. You notice these things as you grow old. Little miracles we scarcely observe in our mundane existence. 

I'll sign off with one of my favourite lines on our maker: "Exercise daily—walk with the Lord." And as you walk hold your hand out.

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