Friday, April 3, 2015

Life is good again!

There is a scene in the American sitcom Friends where Chandler is upset because he watches an old home video of a couple making love. He thinks the woman is Monica whom he has married. When Monica tells him that it’s not her in the video, he exults, “Life is good again!”

When is life good again for you? For me it is whenever a loved one, a member of my family, recovers from a brief illness, even something as common as the flu—that is when life is good again. Everything else pales in comparison.

The good doctor advises a routine test and you’re like, “What? Why the test? You said it was only flu.”

“Yes, it is,” the doctor assures you. “But I want to rule out a couple of things.”

“Like what?” You’re frantic and about to burst a blood vessel. “You said it was nothing, doctor!”

“Don’t worry. Give me a call tomorrow.” I think doctors get sadistic pleasure from saying that.

The next few hours are hell. The test is done next morning but you don’t wait till evening for the report. Instead, you call the lab mid-afternoon and insist on the results over the phone.

“Your reports are normal,” the technician says.

“Are you sure?”


“Every one of them?”


You feel like a balloon going whoosh. You feel like you've just had a rebirth. That’s when you know life is good again. I can’t think of any other time.


  1. I'm very, very happy for the good news! And it is, indeed, a new beginning.

    1. Nan, it always feels like a "new beginning." I wish there were only good news though we can make it happen most of the time.