Sunday, March 22, 2015

Two sides of the same coin

Ardent followers of one spiritual teacher often face a guilt-ridden dilemma when they follow or listen to the teachings of another teacher. They feel they’re doing great disservice to their own spiritual preceptor.

One such anguished spiritual aspirant went up to his master and cried, “I have accepted you as my guide and teacher and while I chant the holy name you have given me, I also worship another who is considered a divine incarnation. Am I doing wrong?”

The spiritual teacher smiled at him and said soothingly, “Why do you think I and he are different? Look upon us as two sides of the same coin. To worship one is to worship the other. Take it that the name you have been given is also included in other names. All you need is purity of heart and strength of faith.” His doubt cleared, the young man went away happily.

Sometimes, the answers to our seemingly difficult questions are right in front of us.

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