Friday, August 22, 2014

#1 Five ways to beat stress and anxiety

1. Every now and then let out a deep sigh, loosen up your muscles, and let go. As you do this drop your head and rest your chin on your chest, slump your shoulders, and let your arms hang freely by your side. Breathe slowly and effortlessly. You will soon feel relaxed.

2. Let your words and thoughts be positive. The best way to ensure this is to immediately substitute every negative word and thought with a positive one. As Norman Vincent Peale says, “I found that the best way to eliminate them (the little negatives) was deliberately to say a positive word about everything.” It is not easy but it can be done. There is joy and satisfaction even in practice.

3. Go for a long drive but make sure you are behind the wheel. Contrary to opinion, driving relieves stress because you are so busy concentrating on the road ahead that you have no time to think about yourself or your problems. It works for me. Just drive safely.

4. Have an obsessive goal. Making a pot of money is an excellent objective. The more you see in the bank, the better you will feel. But don’t let your obsession come between you and your other priorities, like your family.

5. “To hell with it. Whatever happens, happens!” Say this to yourself loudly and with conviction every time you feel stressed or anxious. It will help you shake off your worries and move on to something that truly deserves your attention. After all, what has to happen will happen in spite of your best efforts to prevent it. This is what mystics tell us.


  1. This is wonderful. Such good ideas.

  2. I see that you have the option to link this. I would like to post it on my Fb page. Is that alright with you?

    1. Nan, thank you for the kind words. Please feel free to link it on your Fb page. It'd be a privilege.