Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sweep your blues away

This may sound like strange advice to you, but it works. If you're feeling low and down or lethargic and sluggish or experiencing mild to moderate anxiety, here's what you can do to beat the blues—sweep and mop the floor. Not with a vacuum cleaner and a floor mopping machine but with an actual broom and a wet mopping cloth. Get down on your haunches and get going. You may have to be at home to do this task. It's a simple and effective remedy for those not inclined to exercise or walking and jogging or riding a bicycle. Routine and onerous as this task seems, it will increase your feel-good hormones and make you feel a lot better than you did before, mentally and physically. A bit rustic, sweeping and mopping is as good as any other physical activity like yoga, gyming or aerobics. People in the developing world, in countries like India, do it all the time. The housekeeping staff owe their fitness to this down-to-floor activity.  


  1. This is absolutely right. I had an older friend years ago who would go outdoors and rake when she was feeling low.
    Now people go to jobs where they sit all day and they hire other people do all their housework and yard work.

    1. Nan, housework is a stress buster in more ways than one can imagine. There is always so much to do around the place like fixing things. You're right about people nowadays going to work (by car) and getting little or no exercise. More than 60 per cent of the population in India travel by public transport which involves plenty of walking, usually to and from the bus stand or the railway station. In spite of the physical activity, urban India faces a health crisis mainly due to self-inflicted stress and irregular lifestyle.